Ella Fitzgerald - Original Grooves - Ella In Berlin

Ella Fitzgerald - Original Grooves - Ella In Berlin

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New Vinyl

Record Store Day 2021



Verve Label Group is proud to launch a new vinyl series, Original Grooves, available exclusively on Record Store Day. Original Grooves showcases the vinyl cutting technique known as "parallel grooves”, where grooves are cut side-by-side instead of one after another, allowing for a different aural experience depending on where the needle is dropped. The second of this series comes from Ella Fitzgerald. This 12" single features live versions of "Mack the Knife" and "Summertime" from the legendary 1960 Berlin performance, with the 1962 “Lost Berlin Tapes” versions “hidden” on the neighboring grooves.

12" Track listing:

Side A:
Mack The Knife 1960
Mack the Knife 1962

Side B:
Summertime 1960
Summertime 1962



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