Aesop Rock - Labor Days [Colored Vinyl]

Aesop Rock - Labor Days [Colored Vinyl]

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New Vinyl - Reissue 


Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. Labor Days is the third studio album by Aesop Rock, originally released by EL-P's Definitive Jux label in 2001. The 14-track double album is regarded as Aesop's definitive collection, featuring production work from Blockhead and Omega One and guest appearances from the likes of Illogic and C-Rayz-Walz. Dark dense beats and intricate rhyme flows weave in and out on this conceptual album about work. 20th anniversary colored vinyl 2LP reissue.

1. Labor
2. Daylight
3. Save Yourself
4. Flashflood
5. No Regrets
6. One Brick
7. Tugboat Complex, Pt. 3
8. Coma
9. Battery 1
10. Boombox 1
11. Bent Life 1
12. Yes and the Y'all
13. 9-5ers Anthem
14. Shovel



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