Record Treatment @ SolSta Records

Here at SolSta Records, we pride ourselves on our outstanding vintage vinyl collection.  Everything we have in stock has been inspected, cleaned and processed to a very high standard.  How do we judge our records?  Let us talk you through it.

1.  Inspection
We go through every record we get and check to see if they are severely scratched or worn.  If this is the case, we generally do not put these out for sale as these could damage your turntable set up.

2.  Cleaning
Every record that comes through is cleaned on a Spin-Clean record cleaner.  Years of built up dirt, dust and spilt beer can be literately washed away.  We want the records you get from us to sound the best they possibly can!

3.  Processing
In this stage, we do a thorough inspection of the jacket and record, uploading this information so you know what to expect when you receive your record.  We note imperfections on the record and jacket as well as mention any supplemental pieces such as inserts and posters.

4.  Grading
Each record and jacket is based on the following scale:

Near Mint
Record: Absolutely nothing wrong.  You will generally only see this on rating sealed records and the occasional open record that we really think is awesome. 
Jacket: Near perfect, like the record.

Very Good +
Record: Shiny vinyl that has been very well taken care of.  This might have a few minor scuffs or "whispers" that do not affect play. Might have a minor warp that does not affect play.

Jacket: These will have very little wrong with them.  There might be very minor edge and ring wear, but nothing very noticeable.

Very Good
Record: This will have some noticeable scuffing, but nothing that is overbearing.  There might be occasional surface noise, but nothing overpowering.

Jacket: Ring and edge wear will be more noticeable. Still in pretty good shape

Record: This will be a very scuffy and slightly noisy record.  Might also have some scratches that cause pops, but no skipping.

Jacket: These will have very pronounced ring and edge wear.  These will also possibly have seam splits, writing on the cover and water damage.

Record: Scuffs, scratches, cracks and skips.  These records have been horribly mistreated
Jacket: Blech.  Major water damage, tearing, ring and edge wear seam splits.



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