Aesop Rock - Bazooka Tooth

Aesop Rock - Bazooka Tooth

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1. Bazooka Tooth
2. N.Y. Electric/Hunter Interlude
3. Easy
4. No Jumper Cables
5. Limelighters/Flunkadelic Interlude
6. Super Fluke
7. Cook It Up
8. Freeze/Honeycomb Interlude
9. We're Famous
10. Babies with Guns
11. The Greatest Pac-Man Victory in History
12. Frijoles
13. 11:35/Ketamine U.S.A. Interlude
14. Kill the Messenger
15. Mars Attacks

Bazooka Tooth, Aesop Rock's fourth album, originally came out on Def Jux in 2003. Produced by El-P, it features contributions from Cannibal Ox, DJ Cip One, DJ pawl, S.A. Smash, and Murs with illustrations from Tomer Hanuka. Pitchfork called Bazooka Tooth "another strong outing from one of underground hip-hop's most talented, thanks in no small part to it's unprecedented wealth of lyrical depth and individual production style." Thomas Quinlan of Exclaim! Commented that "Aesop drops abstract poetry, heartfelt stories and new millennial b-boyisms in his gruff monotone flow." It reached #44 on Billboard's Hip-Hop Albums chart, and #112 of the Billboard 200.


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