Arre! Arre! - We Ride the Universe

Arre! Arre! - We Ride the Universe

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New Vinyl - Indie Exclusive Green LP, includes download


Arre! Arre! is the Swedish punk band that during the last decade have won multiple awards, been booked to festivals such as Roskilde & SXSW and have gotten hand-picked to open for hardcore legends Refused. On their new LP, the band have maintained their core inspiration from the 90s Riot Grrrl scene, while at the same time broadening their sound to include a wider range of influences - from post-punk and 60’s ballads, to James Brown, to the Spice Girls.

As usual, the album has a strong underlying theme throughout - this time of motorbikes and female biker gangs, with the band even going to the extreme of recording local bikers driving around the car park of the Studio Sickan to sample within the tracks. Combined with the other new production quirks such as ABBA-inspired choirs and galloping percussion, “We Ride The Universe” has turned into a markedly cohesive and unique album for the band, sure to impress fans both new and old.



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