Bring Me The Horizon - 2004-2013

Bring Me The Horizon - 2004-2013

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New Vinyl - Clear w/ Black Splatter


Limited Edition

1. Traitors Never Play Hang-Man
2. Pray for Plagues
3. Diamonds Aren't Forever
4. The Sadness Will Never End Side
5. Chelsea Smile
6. The Comedown
7. Blessed with a Curse
8. It Never Ends
9. Don't Go
10. Crucify Me
11. Shadow Moses
12. Go to Hell, for Heaven's Sake
13. Can You Feel My Heart
14. Sleepwalking
15. Antivist

Limited edition clear with black splatter vinyl reissue of the 'best of the early years' compilation from Bring Me the Horizon. This record features the hits "Sleepwalking," "Pray for Plagues" and "Crucify Me."



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