Brown Recluse - Evening Tapestry

Brown Recluse - Evening Tapestry

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SLR 123

2011 release from the Philly-based Indie outfit. While these 11 songs are bursting with ideas, they are also models of concision. Such is the focus and craft Brown Recluse brings to this remarkable set of tunes that only one is longer than three and a half minutes. Future Pop classics like 'Impressions of a City Morning,' 'Summer Showers' and 'At Last' are consummate examples of the songwriting art; full of great playing, poetic lyrics and melodic invention, they neatly sum up one of the strongest Pop albums in years.

1. Hobble to Your Tomb
2. Impressions of a City Morning
3. Statue Garden
4. Summer Showers
5. Wooden Fingers
6. Beautiful Light
7. Monday Moon
8. At Last
9. Golden Sun
10. Paisley Tears
11. March to Your Tomb




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