Dabeull - Analog Love

Dabeull - Analog Love

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New Vinyl - Clear 10" 2LP

Indie Exclusive 


1. Sweet Baby
2. Let's Play
3. In My Mind
4. Body Heat
5. I Can't Stop
6. Chronic Lovers
7. What'cha Wanna Do
8. Look in the Mirror
9. Fabulous Kisses

Indie Shops Exclusive Edition - including a 10" (clear vinyl) featuring 2 exclusive tracks. "Analog Love" is Dabeull's first proper full-length album after several key releases, including "Intimate Fonk," "Fonk Delight," and the highly sought-after compilation, "InDaStudio." For Dabeull, analog production is his favorite playground as evidenced by this new 9-track album which was recorded using Michael Jackson's "Thriller" console. - 100% analog!



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