GWAR - The New Dark Ages [Marble 2LP]

GWAR - The New Dark Ages [Marble 2LP]

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New Vinyl, black + gold marble 2LP


14 brand-new songs of destruction and dastardly deeds. Worth it’s weight in crack, this is the soundtrack for The New Dark Ages. The album is loosely based on their new graphic novel which is on sale in comic book stores simultaneously.

1. New Dark Age
2. Blood Libel
3. Berserker Mode
4. Mother Fucking Liar
5. Unto the Breach
6. Completely Fucked
7. The Cutter
8. Rise Again
9. The Beast Will Eat Itself
10. Venom of the Platypus
11. Ratcatcher
12. Bored to Death
13. Temple Ascent (Death Whistle Suite)
14. Starving Gods (Death Whistle Suite)
15. Deus Ex Monstrum (Death Whistle Suite)




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