GZA - Beneath The Surface

GZA - Beneath The Surface

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New Vinyl - **Small Bend in Corner**


1. Intro
2. Amplified Sample
3. Beneath The Surface
4. Skit #1
5. Skit #2
6. Crash Your Crew
7. Breaker, Breaker
8. High Price, Small Reward
9. Hip Hop Fury
10. Skit #3
11. 1112
12. Skit #4
13. Victim
14. Publicity
15. Feel Like An Enemy
16. Stringplay (Like This, Like That)
17. Mic Trippin
18. Outro

Beneath the Surface is the third solo studio album from Wu-Tang Clan member, GZA. The album was released on June 29, 1999. Beneath the Surface is a worthy continuation and development of the Wu-Tang Clan conglomeration. Quintessential tracks like 'Amplified Sample' and 'Crash Your Crew,' prove GZA's one the most innovative and talented vocalist Wu-Tang had to offer. Continuing with its Respect The Classics campaign, UMe will be reissuing this classic back on standard weight black vinyl.



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