JID - The Forever Story

JID - The Forever Story

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1. Galaxy
2. Raydar
3. Dance Now
4. Crack Sandwich
5. Can’t Punk Me
6. Surround Sound
7. Kody Blu 31
8. Bruddanem
9. Sistanem
10. Can’t Make U Change
11. Stars
12. Just In Time
13. Money
14. Better Days
15. Lauder Too
16. 2007

JID's highly anticipated sophomore album, The Forever Story, presents his reality: a more personal look into his familial life and stories of growing up the last of seven and a student athlete in East Atlanta. JID's nimble, head-nodding lyricism and lightning-fast flow is presented throughout the album with immersive storytelling and thoughtful guest features - all spotlighting his rightful place in rap as one of the greatest in the making.




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