Lil Baby - It's Only Me

Lil Baby - It's Only Me

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1. Real Spill
2. Stand On It
3. Pop Out
4. Heyy
5. California Breeze
6. Perfect Timing
7. Never Hating
8. Forever
9. Not Finished
10. In A Minute
11. Waterfall Flow
12. Everything
13. From Now On
14. Double Down
15. Cost To Be Alive
16. Top Priority
17. Danger
18. Stop Playin
19. Fr
20. Back And Forth
21. Shiest Talk
22. No Fly Zone
23. Russian Roulette

It’s Only Me is Lil Baby’s most introspective release showcasing musical and visual representation of his evolution and personal growth, as depicted in the album cover that reflects Baby at various ages of his life’s journey. The composition of tracks tells the story of Baby being focused and only in competition with himself as he navigates as an artist, man and father. 2 LP.



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