Needle Doctor Sign For Sale

  • $1,000,000.00

You can own a piece of Turntable History.
Please read all of this before you ask any questions.

The Jerry Raskin's Needle Doctor sign that was on display at 6006 Excelsior Boulevard in St. Louis Park Minnesota is for sale!


How Did You Acquire This?
We (Solsta Records) bought the building the Needle Doctor was using in 2020 and it was left for us to deal with when we closed on the property. It has been stored in our basement since November 2020 when it was professionally removed.

Does It Light Up?
When it was taken down in November 2020 it was fully functional.  You are more than welcome to bring equipment by to test it.

What Is The Condition Of The Sign?
This sign was on display outside for 10 years on the southside of a building in the northern hemisphere.  It was also subjected to 10 years of Minnesota winters and summers.  This means the sign was exposed to extreme cold (-30 F) and substantial heat (100F).  We also have some intense wind, rain, snow and ice storms.  Considering all of this, it's in pretty good shape with regular wear and tear you would expect from something facing the elements as this has. We are more than happy to send you detailed pictures if you ask.

Will You Ship The Sign?
Yes we will ship the sign, but you need to organize a shipping company and the appropriate packing of the sign to keep it safe during transit.  If it is at all possible, we would rather you pick it up in person.

You want a million dollars for this sign? C'mon Bro...
We are currently taking offers for this sign.  Please send any questions about the sign to



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