Lord Huron - Strange Trails

Lord Huron - Strange Trails

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New Vinyl - Opaque Blue 


1. Love Like Ghosts
2. Until The Night Turns
3. Dead Man's Hand
4. Hurricane
5. La Belle Fleur Sauvage
6. Fool For Love
7. The World Ender
8. Meet Me In The Woods
9. The Yawning Grave
10. Frozen Pines
11. Cursed
12. Way Out There
13. Louisa
14. The Night We Met

Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. Lord Huron's debut album, Lonesome Dreams, was released in 2012 and the track "Ends of the Earth" was featured in the finale for the television series Community. The band's name was inspired by Lake Huron, the lake which frontman and Michigan native Ben Schneider grew up visiting and where he would spend evenings playing around the campfire. The group's second album, Strange Trails, was released in April 2015 and received positive reviews from music critics. Rachel Brodsky of Spin called the album "enchanting from start to finish," praising the lyricism, vocals, and instrumentation. The album's final song "The Night We Met" was featured in the popular Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.




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