Mom Jeans. - Puppy Love [White w/ Green & Purple Splatter LP]

Mom Jeans. - Puppy Love [White w/ Green & Purple Splatter LP]

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Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. Mom Jeans are an effortlessly likeable group of friends who proudly embrace their love for sad punk and emo. The Berkeley, CA quartet is lauded for stream-of-consciousness lyrics and energetic performances that prompt audiences to shred their worries and simply bounce along. By trading the sappy for heartfelt and the melodramic for truthful, Mom Jeans have created a brand of emo that's self-aware but not self-indulgent. 2018's Puppy Love follows up 2016's Best Buds and offers up more of that sweet noise that fans of bands like Modern Baseball and The Front Bottoms, will love

1. Near Death Fail Comp (Must Watch Til End)
2. Sponsor Me Tape
3. Glamorous
4. I Left My Towel At My Friend's House And Then They Moved Pt. 1
5. Pt 2
6. Season 9 Ep. 2-3
7. You Can't Eat Cats Kevin
8. Jon Bong Jovi
9. Pickle Bart!
10. Now This Is Podracing



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