Patti Lupone's Gypsy - The 2008 Broadway Cast Recording

Patti Lupone's Gypsy - The 2008 Broadway Cast Recording

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1. Overture - ORCHESTRA
2. May We Entertain You
3. Some People
4. Seattle to Los Angeles
5. Small World
6. Baby June and her Newsboys/Let Me Entertain You
7. Have An Eggroll, Mr Goldstone
8. Little Lamb
9. You'll Never Get Away From Me
10. Dainty June and her Farmboys - Leigh Ann Larkin
11. Broadway
12. If Momma Was Married
13. All I Need Is The Girl - Tony Yazbeck, Laura Benanti
14. Everything's Coming Up Roses
15. Madam Rose's Toreadorables
16. Together Wherever We Go
17. You Gotta Get A Gimmick - Alison Fraser, Marilyn Caskey, Lenora Nemetz
18. The Strip - Jim Bracchitta, Alison Frazer, Laura Benanti, Patti LuPone ; Ensemble
19. Rose's Turn
20. [Bonus track] Tomorrow's Mother's Day
21. [Bonus track] Mother's Day [Alternate Version]
22. [Bonus track] Small World/Momma's Talkin' Soft
23. [Bonus track] Nice She Ain't
24. [Bonus track] Smile, Girls
25. [Bonus track] Who Needs Him?
26. [Bonus track] Three Wishes for Christmas

Patti Lupone's Gypsy: The 2008 Broadway Cast Album (2LP) - The 2008 version stars Patti LuPone, superbly supported by Laura Benanti, Boyd Gaines and a luscious 36-piece orchestra. LuPone sinks her fangs into the role of the indomitable Mama Rose, and delivers the show's epic anthems ("Some People," "Everything's Coming Up Roses" and "Rose's Turn") with the right balance of manic energy and slightly cracked vulnerability.




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