Peeping Tom - S/T

Peeping Tom - S/T

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New Vinyl - Tan


Indie Exclusive 

1. Five Seconds (Feat. Odd Nosdam)
2. Mojo (Feat. Rahzel & Dan The Automator)
3. Don't Even Trip (Feat. Amon Tobin)
4. Getaway (Feat. Kool Keith)
5. Your Neighborhood Spaceman (Feat. Jel & Odd Nosdam)
6. Kill The DJ (Feat. Massive Attack)
7. Caipirinha (Feat. Bebel Gilberto)
8. Celebrity Death Match (Feat. Kid Koala)
9. How U Feelin? (Feat. Doseone)
10. Sucker (Feat. Norah Jones)
11. We're Not Alone - Remix (Feat. Dub Trio)

Vinyl reissue of the long-out-print 2006 release. Peeping Tom is Mike Patton with special guests Norah Jones, Massive Attack, Dan The Automator and more.




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