Robyn Hitchcock - Shufflemania

Robyn Hitchcock - Shufflemania

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The veteran British artist’s first full-length collection in over five years, SHUFFLEMANIA! is heralded by the mischievous first single, “The Shuffle Man,” with instrumental and vocal accompaniment from musician/producer/artist Brendan Benson. “The Shuffle Man is the imp of change,” says Hitchcock, “the agent of fortune. He throws the cards up in the air and leaves you to deal with where they fall. He is the exhilaration of chaos – with fast hands and a stovepipe hat.” 

1. The Shuffle Man
2. The Inner Life Of Scorpio
3. The Feathery Serpent God
4. Midnight Tram To Nowhere
5. Socrates In Thin Air
6. Noirer Than Noir
7. The Man Who Loves The Rain
8. The Sir Tommy Shovell
9. The Raging Muse
10. One Day (It's Being Scheduled)



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