Sparks - Hello Young Lovers [2LP]

Sparks - Hello Young Lovers [2LP]

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New Vinyl - Reissue


Hello Young Lovers (Double Vinyl Edition) 20th Studio Album On 180g Double LP! Newly Remastered For Vinyl! - Hello Young Lovers is the 20th studio album by Sparks and was originally released on 6th February 2005. The album was the most commercially popular Sparks album since the 1970s. Hello Young Lovers has been newly remastered for this LP reissue, which is released on heavyweight vinyl.

1. Dick Around
2. Perfume
3. The Very Next Fight
4. (Baby, Baby) Can I Invade Your Country
5. Rock, Rock, Rock
6. Metaphor
7. Waterproof
8. Here Kitty
9. There's No Such Thing As Aliens
10. As I Sit Down to Play the Organ at the Notre Dame Cathedral




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