The Cat's Miaow - Songs '94-'98

The Cat's Miaow - Songs '94-'98

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The Cat’s Miaow started out in 1992 as a home-recording duo, Bart Cummings (guitar, bass, vocals) and Andrew Withycombe (bass, guitar) taking time out from duties with Girl Of The World and The Ampersands (respectively), knocking out songs on Withycombe’s four-track. Soon joined by Kerrie Bolton (vocals) and Cam Smith (drums), the quartet spent the next five years quietly, slowly working away in the suburbs of Melbourne, recording gem after gem of independent pop.

1. Hollow Inside
2. Light the Beacon
3. Not Like I Was Doing Anything
4. Note on the Table
5. You Know It's True
6. What Time Is It There?
7. I Can't Sleep Thinking You Hate Me
8. Smitten
9. Portland, Oregon
10. Let Me Brush the Hair from Your Face
11. Stay
12. Shoot the Moon
13. Barney ; Me
14. Firefly
15. La International Airport
16. Crying
17. If Things Had Been Different
18. I Take It That We're Through



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