The Frumpies - Frumpie One Piece

The Frumpies - Frumpie One Piece

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New Vinyl - Reissue (white vinyl)


A1 Malice And Discontent
A2 I Just Wanna Puke On The Stereo
A3 Do You Wanna Donuts
A4 Baby Plays For Pritty
A5 Alien Summer
A6 Fuck Kitty
A7 Giveaway Pile
A8 Weird Machine
A9 Intertube Tomorrow
A10 Be Good
A11 Whatshisname Hearts The Frumpies
A12 She's A Real Cutie Pie
A13 Safety First
B1 Weary Ingenues And Snotty Brats
B2 Duvet Ta
B3 Fake Antagonism Rules, Okay
B4 Tommy Slich
B5 Deliberate Indifference
B6 Planet What
B7 Fuck Yr. Frumpies
B8 Eunuch NIghts
B9 Of Ever And Now On
B10 You'll See
B11 Wrong Way Round
C1 Frumpies Forever
C2 Don't Wanna Go Home
D1 Turn Off The Faucet
D2 Tell Me



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