The Goonies OMS

The Goonies OMS

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Record Store Day 2021




In celebration of the film's 35th anniversary, this first ever picture disc for the iconic score of "The Goonies" features the album cover on side A and the infamous One-Eyed Willie on side B. The tracklisting to this single disc version of the original score was personally selected and assembled by composer, David Grusin.

Side One
1. Fratelli Chase
2. Cellar And Sloth
3. The Goondocks (Goonies Theme)
4. The “It,” Fifty Dollar Bills And A Stiff
5. Pee Break And Kissing Tunnel
6. Skull And Signature
7. Plumbing
8. Restaurant Trash
9. Boulders, Bats And A Blender

Side Two
1. They’re Here And Skull Cave Chase
2. Playing The Bones
3. Mikey’s Vision
4. Triple Stones And A Ball
5. Wishing Well And The Fratellis Find Coin
6. Mama & Sloth
7. One Eyed Willie
8. No Firme And Pirate Ship



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