The Round Robin Monopoly - Alpha

The Round Robin Monopoly - Alpha

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New Vinyl 


1. Alpha
2. Average Man
3. I'd Rather Loan You Out
4. Life Is Funky
5. Peace Of Mind
6. Little People
7. People Do Change
8. Dreamers
9. Prayer Of The Prisoner
10. Omega

Originally released in 1974 on the Stax imprint Truth Records, The Round Robin Monopoly's funk-soul extravaganza Alpha returns to vinyl for the first time in 50 years! Evoking the feeling of a car chase scene in a mid-'70s action movie, Alpha lives right at the intersection of top-notch musicianship and immaculate vibes. This Jazz Dispensary Top Shelf reissue was cut from the original analog tapes by Kevin Gray, pressed on 180-gram vinyl at RTI, and comes packaged in a tip-on jacket. 



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