The Thermals ‎- We Disappear

The Thermals ‎- We Disappear

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The Thermals are best at making songs you put on mixtapes named ‘Drunken Sing-alongs When You’re Sad.’ They specialize in late-night, secret conversations about feeling simultaneously romantic and resentful over being raised Catholic. They’re the soundtrack to breaking glass, and an ode to the beauty of brokenness. They say that the mark of intelligence is the ability to hold two disparate and conflicting truths in the mind at the same time: I am a good person; I am not a good person. We Disappear lives in this delicate, in-between place: at once hard and noisy, while also soft and personal. And seeming contradictions abound on this album.

1. Into the Code
2. My Heart Went Cold
3. Hey You
4. If We Don't Die Today
5. The Great Dying
6. In Every Way
7. The Walls
8. Thinking of You
9. Always Never Be 1
10. Years in a Day



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