Wombo - Blossomlooksdownuponus

Wombo - Blossomlooksdownuponus

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New Vinyl - Pressed on Lemon Yellow Vinyl


The weird world of Wombo is a kaleidoscopic journey of sharp turns and surprising visions, a melting pot of influences with a cheeky cheshire-cat grin that coalesce into a trippy but infinite universe of the band's own, and a portal into their unique vantage point without limitation. Already committed to living outside the traditionally-heralded country sound of the music scene in their hometown of Louisville, Sydney Chadwick (vocals) and Cameron Lowe (guitar) had previously played in punk pop band the Debauchees, and with the addition of Joel Taylor (drums) in 2016 they found a winning combination of more straightforward indie rock combined with Chadwick's pitched up, oscillating vocals and unpredictable shifts in melody that see the band moving forward at an impressive pace. Their 2020 Blossomslookdownuponus LP is a snapshot of Wombo's wide-ranging aspirations that careen across avant pop, post punk and warbly indie interludes with a sky's-the-limit approach to translating the mundanity of regular life into their own high-frequency language

A1 Sweet Powder Sugar Sandy
A2 Sad World
A3 Ginkobiloba
A4 Overwhelming
A5 Blossom Bear
A6 Rain Dove
B1 Chugging
B2 A Place of My Own
B3 Black Hole Sun II
B4 May
B5 Outro



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