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It's easy to get caught in a cycle of listening to the same music for years. If you're stuck on repeat, this list is for you. Here's four variations of soul that'll give you a new playlist to get sick of. 

Ravyn Lenae 


The most well known artist on this list, Lenae hails from Chicago, and at only 20 years old has already released one album, two EPs, and toured nationally. Lenae's voice is buttery smooth, meshing seamlessly with the groovy, ethereal beats that back her up. 

Where To Start: Check out "Blossom Dearie" and "Free Room" off of Moon Shoes for sensitive soul, "Sticky" and "The Night Song" off of Crush for more upbeat, crooning melodies. 



Bymaddz is a quirky kid from New Hampshire, who, according to her Spotify profile, "uses music as a way to share stories of her upbringing as the awkward nerdy, asthmatic character that incorporates her artistic and story-telling ideas." In her music, these sentiments contrast yet compliment the smooth jazz and soul elements of her tracks. 

Where To Start: Bymaddz has a fairly small discography, most of her music buried in the depths of Soundcloud. Try "Rejected By An Alien" for a taste of Bymaddz's unique humor and voice. 



R+R=NOW has been referred to as a "dream team band" by The group is headed by pianist Robert Glasper, backed up Christian Scott on trumpet, Derrick Hodge on bass, with Taylor FcFerrin and Terrance Martin playing synth. 

Where To Start: R+R=NOW released their debut album June 15th of 2018. I recommend checking out the opening track, "Change of Tone", "Colors in the Dark", and "Awake To You".  

 Vie Boheme 


Of course this list wouldn't be complete without a local musician. Vie Boheme was, to quote, "born in Motown, developed in Pittsburgh and refined in Minneapolis". Vie Boheme's electronic soul beats and catchy melodies are sure to stick with you. 

Where To Start: "Next Exit" off of Swoon is one of my favorites, along with "Take Cover".

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