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Illoshow 3: Remix is a showcase of album art re-imagined by local artists, designers, and illustrators. Curated by local illustrator and designer James O’Brien, Illoshow 3: Remix provides an unexpected take on both iconic and obscure album art seen through the lens of various Twin Cities artists. Each participant was asked to choose an album as a starting point, and was given the option to use the existing artwork in their concept or to change it completely. 

Dawn Xintong Yang

Why did you choose these records?
I chose them because the records have nice covers. I like the color and style of them.

Golden Suicide

Did you listen to the albums for inspiration?
I put more attention into how to make the covers more interesting, like giving them the golden texture. However, I try to express the impression of music in my mind. 

All of your pieces seem to be tied together with the use of gold paint. Can you tell me why you choose that?
Because this pigment is different from other colors, this color will dry to a special texture which can show a feeling of fluid flow. And music for me is kind of like fluid which is always changing, just like this golden paint.

Golden Butter

Is this your typical art style or are you doing something different?
It is kind of different than my own style.  Actually, I am an illustrator and I often use lines to depict my idea. And this time I tried to just use paint. It is a new experience for me.

What did you find most enjoyable when you were working on these pieces?I like staring at the golden paint when it is drying. I can see the shining part of it is changing. It is very interesting. 

What did you find challenging about reinterpreting an existing piece of art?
I am kind worried about I will ruin those pretty art. Then I thought sometimes art means you need to ruined something. So I decided ruined something and then create something new. 

Golden Suicide II

What did you learn in doing this project?
Well, I often use lines instead of just using color and paint. And I find using color directly makes me more relaxed and fast. Although sometimes I made mistakes, those mistakes gave me a new way to change the way to painting. 

What is your relationship to vinyl as a music format?
It is a new experience for me! Before, I just used my phone or CDs to listen music. So this is the first time for me to know more about record.

What have you been listening to lately?
I am listening The Neighbourhood and Mara Carlyle.

See more of Dawn’s work on her Instagram, @dawn_xt_yang

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