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Illoshow 3: Remix is a showcase of album art re-imagined by local artists, designers, and illustrators. Curated by local illustrator and designer James O’Brien, Illoshow 3: Remix provides an unexpected take on both iconic and obscure album art seen through the lens of various Twin Cities artists. Each participant was asked to choose an album as a starting point, and was given the option to use the existing artwork in their concept or to change it completely. 

Jim Fitzsimons

Why did you choose this record?
The cover I chose almost immediately popped into my head when Jim invited me to do a piece for the show. I had a duplicate of this record, but I also thought the illustration on the original was just right for making a little joke. Turning a haunted house into an ordinary, un-haunted house. 

The original title of Jim’s album was Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House, which he transformed into Thrilling Sounds of the House. He also painted over gravestones that appeared in the front yard of the house, replacing them with rose bushes.

Thrilling Sounds Of The House

Is this your typical art style or are you doing something different?

This is not typical. I do a lot of cartooning and portraits and don't often work in acrylic paint or in color. I normally work in black and white - pen and ink or ballpoint pen. 

Did you listen to the record for inspiration?

No, I didn't. I've listened to it many times years ago and am still very familiar with it. My inspiration was to make it into the opposite of what the original was.

What did you find most enjoyable when you were working on this pieces?

I enjoyed watched the daylight image emerge.

What did you find challenging about reinterpreting an existing piece of art?

The medium was the most challenging.


What did you learn in doing this project?

By looking closely at the original album art, I was quite impressed with how simple the illustration was. The illustrator was very skilled at painting quickly and so loosely while still getting a fairly detailed image.


What is your relationship to vinyl as a music format?

Admittedly, barely any at all. I still own several albums from my younger days, but I don't often listen to them via the turntable.


What have you been listening to lately?

The most recent album I've listened to was The Church's The Blurred Crusade. I listened to the whole album and blogged about it last week. I also have a huge Spotify playlist called The Radio Station I Always Wanted that has some 80s alternative, The Who, etc.

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