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Illoshow 3: Remix is a showcase of album art re-imagined by local artists, designers, and illustrators. Curated by local illustrator and designer James O’Brien, Illoshow 3: Remix provides an unexpected take on both iconic and obscure album art seen through the lens of various Twin Cities artists. Each participant was asked to choose an album as a starting point, and was given the option to use the existing artwork in their concept or to change it completely.  

Shannon Brady


Why did you choose this record?
Thought it had potential to do some fun things with. Lots of pipes that could have things coming out of them.

Is this your typical art style or are you doing something different?
This album project is not my typical art style. I painted on the album cover which is not something I generally do. It gave me an opportunity to try something new. It was a very craft orientated project which I am not very adept at. I wanted the album to be somewhat tactile. My typical work is much more illustrative.

What Inspired your design?
Monty Python, old time Disney, comic book stuff, etc. Really tapped into silliness as a theme. On the other hand, my brother knew this piece was mine right away because of the subconscious end-of-the-world elements. As far as the main character goes, he seemed stuffy. I thought, “this guy needs to lighten up.”

What did you find most enjoyable when you were working on this piece?
Putting the glitter on it.

Did you listen to this album for inspiration?
Sort of. I don’t have a turn-table so I had to go online and find some of the music.

What did you find challenging about reinterpreting an existing piece of art?I didn’t try to reinterpret it per se, I just added silliness to it.

What did you learn doing this project?
How to use decoupage and how to paint acrylics on an album cover and how to fix a ripped seam on an old album cover.

What is your relationship to vinyl as a music format?
I don’t have a vinyl record player anymore.

What have you been listening to lately?
Neil Young, Train, Jason Mraz, Beethoven, Pogues, the Stooges, Chet Baker, R.L. Burnside, Modern Lovers, Ruth B, Melanesian Choir Music, Buzzcocks, Al Green, Chopin, IZ.

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